Friday, January 1, 2010

Obligatory new years day post

First an explanation on why I find this post obligatory. I want to write another post, and it happens to be new years day. I feel I should acknowledge the new year to my vast lack of readership.

First of all, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Boxing day, or whatever quazi winter solstice related holiday it is you celebrate. I also hope you enjoyed your new years eve/day celebrations and have a prosperous new year.

Second, its time to bore you all with a bit of self reflection. Some notable events and achievements for 2009:
  1. I began work at a new company, achieving my long time goal of getting a job in Manhattan. For some reason it has always been easier for me to find jobs in Suffolk County than Manhattan.
  2. Related to the previous, commuting by subway has allowed me to read so many books I got a Library Card from the NYPL. The achievement of note is more that I have read a lot, than getting a library card.
  3. I took over the Long Island PHP User Group moving our meeting location to InVision.
  4. I became a Zend Certified Engineer in PHP5.
  5. Most important, I proposed to my girlfriend, and she said yes.
My online habits have altered. For the first time I began doing the following online:
  1. Using Twitter
  2. Listening to podcasts.
  3. Participating in the stack overflow trilogy.
  4. Using github.

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