Thursday, November 5, 2009

My self imposed election day embargo

I've begun to develop many beliefs related to democracy. Some examples, I am a firm believers of term limits, one factor in me not voting for Bloomberg. Secondly, I am for a starship troopers-esque form of earned suffrage/citizenship, although the Michael Z Williamson book Freehold turned me on to the idea.

However, one of my stranger beliefs is that one should not talk about elections on election day. On the first Tuesday after the First monday in November, I do not encourage or discourage the act of voting in particular, and I don't mention the particulars of the election. Despite these strong beliefs, I have to this date managed to not injure or kill the those that stand right outside the polling place with pamphlets.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A (hopefully) short-winded post on my long-windedness

I tend to be long winded in my written and spoken works. I just published a post on another blog. What will probably never get posted is the article I stopped writing before starting that one. The unpublished article amounts to a preface to the article I published. The only reason it is not deleted is I am an unapologetic packrat.

This over-prefacing is quite typical of me. I need to address it. Knowing to stop writing a post just as I am getting to the point, so I can start a new article that "gets to the point," is a good strategy. Maybe one day I will publish something on a blog, and later publish my "overprefacing" as the back story.