Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Its hard to pay a parking ticket

This is part 2 of the saga of my Valley Stream parking ticket. Part 1 is here.

I tried to pay my parking ticket at the courthouse today. I show up at the clerks office at 08:00 and discovered they don't take credit cards. She looked up my info and saw most of the $125 I owed the village was due to fines for late payment. She suggested I go to traffic court on Wednesday at 7PM to get the judge to lower it. Apparently you just show up, wait your turn, and see the judge.

So a bit of an update on why I never paid this ticket. Basically, Valley Stream does not offer a web payment method and I rarely use the postal service. There is no principled reason behind this, I'm just to lazy to print an envelope, buy a stamp, etc. So collection letters started coming in. I called the number on one of them and offered to pay over the phone. They claimed that they only send the letters and I'd have to settle my debt with the town. They also verified that I'd have to mail a check or show up to the court house.

So I ignored the letters until I got one that claimed my vehicle registration was in jeopardy. This prompts me to show up to the courthouse in the morning and try to pay the ticket. I should have went to the ATM beforehand in anticipation of them lacking a credit card merchant account. However, I didn't.

So yes I am entirely guilty of the cardinal sin of sloth here. If a cop knocked at my door I'd walk to the ATM and come back with $125 in cash no questions asked. I did not deal with my issue in a timely manner, so I lost any legitimacy to my reasonable arguments to why the county giving me was ticket was wrong. So I am entirely at the judges mercy tomorrow. I will provide an update then.


Scandelous Candy said...

I'll try not to laugh at your expense. That said, I ran into similar issues back in NJ over a Light Rail fine. Something about riding it with an expired ticket. IIRC, they weren't too keen on not having exact change either.

Unrelated, however, I blame you.

Greg Prosmushkin said...

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