Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Confusing Marketing

Ok sometime I see something and just want to say what the heck. Palm's marketing copy for their Centro is one of those things.

The Centro's product page says the following:
Life starts after five o'clock. That's why there's the Palm® Centro™ smartphone. Palm Centro gives you voice, text, IM, email and web, all in a phone that's a lot smaller than you think. It even has a touchscreen and a full keyboard, so you can say L8R to those tricky keys on your cell phone. Carry names and numbers, shoot photos and video, and meet up with friends. Centro. Let's go.
What were they thinking? If you have a smart phone, you generally use it because you are a workaholic. You don't use it for you outside the office life. Even if it is a toy you use to communicate with your friends, you're probably using it to check your rss feeds or myspace messages when you should be talking to the girl sitting next to you, since its 5 o'clock and that means its happy hour.

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Stan said...

That's because us workaholics like *to think we can* work outside the office. Therefore their marketing is quite ingenious (other than the fact that its been done before).